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CfEPS in the media

News platform for all of Europe

Matthias Pfeffer discusses the mission of his Council of European Public Space, aiming to create an open, fair, and secure European public sphere. He defines a “secure public space” as one protected from misinformation, hate speech, and other online offenses that remain prevalent. Identifying deficiencies in the free flow of news and information across Europe, Pfeffer emphasizes the correlation between media diversity and democracy, highlighting the need for a platform that transcends language barriers and fosters a sense of European unity.


Regarding the selection of influential European figures for the council, Pfeffer underscores the importance of representing diverse perspectives, expressing confidence in the members’ dedication to the broader goal of European integration. He outlines plans for a news platform accessible in all 24 official EU languages, leveraging AI technology to bridge linguistic divides. He emphasizes the necessity of proactive engagement with emerging technologies to safeguard democracy amidst digital disruption, drawing on his extensive journalistic experience to shape a platform that promotes European values and unity.

Supportet by grants from the European Cultural Foundation.

The Council for European Public Space is registered in the Transparency Register of the European Commission.