Explore the Council for European Public Space: Introducing the Team and the Council.


The team, which is still being set up, coordinates the Council’s activities by drawing on and recomposing the members’ expertise. It develops and designs studies that are implemented with partners and brings together actors from all over Europe who implement pilot projects that show that better European publicness is possible.


The members of the Council bring their wealth of experience, expertise and network to develop and support concrete initiatives of the Council for European Public Space.




At the Council for European Public Space, our mission is clear: to foster a European Public Space built on democratic principles. As a dynamic think-and-do-tank, we’re committed to crafting evidence-based strategies that drive progress towards an open, fair, and secure European Public Space.

Matthias Pfeffer


Founding Director of Council for European Public Space

Michael-Bernhard Zita


Research, Projects & Networks Manager at Council for European Public Space


Our council comprises dedicated professionals from diverse backgrounds, each bringing unique perspectives, expertise, and passion to the Council for a European Public Space.


Christoph Becker


Deputy Chairman of the ZDF Television Council, Programme Advisory Board of ARTE GEIE, Member of the Board of Hamburg Music Business e.V.

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Francesca Bria


Member of the Board of RAI, President of the Italian national innovation Fund, Member of the High-level Roundtable for the New European Bauhaus set up by the EC President Ursula von der Leyen.


Nicola Frank


Former Head of Institutional and International Relations and Head of European Affairs at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). She is an expert in Public Affairs, European and Media Policy, Journalism, Media Innovation and Media Development. Before joining the EBU she represented Media and Entertainment International as Deputy General Secretary. She started her career in the European Commission where she was responsible for a Communication Programme towards the Mediterranean and the Near and Middle East.   

© Florence Montmare

Minna Aslama Horowitz

Finland / United States

Docent at the University of Helsinki, member of the EU-EDMO Hub NORDIS, Fellow at the Media and Journalism Research Center (Spain) and Fellow of International Communication/Adjunct Professor St. John’s University (USA), her research focuses on European media and communications policies, public service media, communication/epistemic rights, and audiences’ experiences of self-efficacy and trust.

© Sebastian Pape

Jan-Hendrik Passoth


Professor of Sociology of Technology, Director of the European New School of Digital Studies) and Vice-President of Research and Career Development at European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), his research focuses on Politics of Software and Digital Infrastructure, Co-Creation and Critical Prototyping and (Post-)Actor-Network Theory.

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Natalie Nougayrède


Journalist, first woman to be the executive and managing editor of Le Monde, writer and foreign affairs commentator of The Guardian.

Jean-Paul Philippot

Jean-Paul Philippot


Jean-Paul Philippot entered the audiovisual realm in 2002. In 2018 he spearheaded a plan to transition RTBF from traditional vertical structures (TV, Radio, and Web) to an audience-centric approach, adapting to the changing media landscape. President at the European Broadcasting Union from 2009 to 2018 and President of Médias Francophones Publics since 2021.

© Johanna Schwaiger

Barbara Prainsack


Professor of Comparative Policy Analysis and Head of the Research Platform Governance of digital practices at University of Vienna, Chair of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE). Her academic research focus on regulatory, societal, and ethical dimensions of biosciences and biotechnology; citizen science; practice and policies of solidarity.

Krisztina Rozgonyiq

Krisztina Rozgonyi


Dr. Krisztina Rozgonyi is Senior Scientist at the Institute for Comparative Media and Communication Studies of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and an international media, telecommunication and IP legal and policy expertShe is also a fellow with the policy platform at the Department of Communication of the University of Vienna to bridge research with policy agendasBefore her academic engagement, she was a regulator leading a Telecommunication Regulatory Authority in an EU Member State and currently does legal and policy advisory on media freedom and digital platform governance with international and European organizations, national governments, and regulatory bodies.

Maria João Rodrigues

© Eric Vidal

Maria João Rodrigues


President of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), Member of the European Parliament (S&D), academic expertise on EU political economy. Rodrigues was professor of European economic policies in the Université libre de Bruxelles and in the University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE).

Helga Trüpel
© Jochen Stoss Bremen

Helga Trüpel


Chairwoman of the Europa-Union Bremen, former Member of the European Parliament (The Greens–European Free Alliance) was involved in the European Union’s copyright reform in favour of an ancillary copyright.


Klaus Unterberger


Dr. Klaus Unterberger is a Journalist and Head of the Public Value Competence Center at Austrian Broadcasting ORF, Initiator of “Act Now”, the “Public Service Internet Manifesto” and many coordination activities in the PSM sector.

Andre Wilkens

André Wilkens


André Wilkens is the director of the European Cultural Foundation in Amsterdam which mission is to grow a European sentiment through culture and education. André is also the Board Chair of Tactical Tech, the co-founder of the Initiative Offene Gesellschaft and a founding member of the European Council on Foreign Relations. In the past he worked as Strategy Director of Stiftung Mercator, as Director of the Open Society Institute Brussels and as Head of Strategic Communications of UNHCR in Geneva. He is the author of two books, on Europe and on Digitalisation, and a regular media contributor.

von Weizsäcker

Jakob von Weizsäcker


Jakob von Weizsäcker has been serving as Minister of Finance and for Science since April 2022. From 2019 to 2022 he was the Chief economist at the Federal Ministry of Finance. From 2014 to 2019 he served a Member of the European Parliament for Thuringia.